The Road Home -Book Review

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Sent from Michigan to Pennsylvania following the tragic death of her Amish parents, Lena Rose Schwartz grieves her loss and the separation from her nine siblings. Beside the fact that Lena has never been so far from home, she hasn’t met the family she will now be living with. But worse than that is having to live apart from her close-knit brothers and sisters. How will they manage without her to care for them–especially six-year-old Chris? And will her new beau, Hans Bontrager, continue to court her despite the many miles between them?

Yet even as Lena Rose holds on to hope for a reunion with those she loves most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own. Is she willing to open her heart to new possibilities?

About the Author:

Beverly Lewis

I’ve had my nose in a book, for as long as I remember. When I was about 9 years old, I started writing my own stories. By sixth grade, I’d hand-written a 66-page semi-autobiographical book titled, “She Shall Have Music.”

After I was married and our three children were in middle school, I began submitting articles and short fiction to various magazines.

My first book (Holly’s First Love) was published in May 1993, the start of a 14-book series for pre-teen girls. Soon after, my first chapter book was published for 7-10-year-old readers (“Big Bad Beans”) which later became part of my 24-book series, The Cul-de-Sac Kids. I wrote another long-running series for girls, titled “SummerHill Secrets,” which was set very close to Neffsville, PA, where I grew up–near the heart of Amish country.

But it was the story of my grandmother Ada Buchwalter’s shunning by her ultra-strict father and subsequently her old order Mennonite community that nudged me toward writing adult fiction. THE SHUNNING was published in 1997 by Bethany House Publishers, and along with its sequels, has touched a nerve in millions of readers intrigued by the Plain tradition of Lancaster County, PA. Many readers have enjoyed the Hallmark Channel’s adaptation of this book and the other books in the Heritage of Lancaster County series.

My passion for Amish-related stories continues to keep me up at night, and I’ve written over three dozen novels for adults set in Lancaster County.

When I’m between writing deadlines, I enjoy hiking in the Rocky Mountains with my husband. Cooking from scratch, playing Mozart at the piano, and making family memory albums, as well as traveling to meet my devoted readers during book tours, are some of my very favorite things. I also adore reading biographies and memoirs, as well as classic literature.

Editorial Reviews:

From the Back Cover

As the sun began to rise, Lena Rose leaned against the cool pane of the bus window and gazed out at the familiar landscape of her life.ย I’m leaving my family and everything I know behind. She sighed, trying to keep her composure.

Grieving the death of her Amish parents and the separation from her nine close-knit siblings, Lena Rose Schwartz consoles herself that her new life in Lancaster County won’t be forever. Surely someday soon she will return to her beloved Michigan settlement, including her beau. But even as she holds on to hope for a reunion with those she loves most, she discovers that Lancaster holds charms of its own. Will she find the courage to open her heart to other possibilities?

“Lewis’s new book is a stand-alone Amish novel filled with charming characters and surroundings amid a heartwarming storyline of love, overcoming grief, and trusting God with our future.”–Christian Market

My Thoughts:


Should I say that again?

Seriously. How wonderful is it that there are a handful of authors that, no matter what they write, I know that it will be a great read. Off hand, I can think of about four. Four, out of the thousands of authors, that I can honestly say I love everything they write.

Beverly Lewis is one of those four.

Yes, I love those gritty, true to life books. I love those books that keep me on the edge of my seat, that make my stomach roll or my heart race, that bring tears to my eyes, or even the ones that keep me up at night.

But sometimes, I just need a book that is soft. A book that I can fall into and know there are no sharp edges to get caught on. A book that delivers a sweet story of hurt and redemption. And when I need a story like that, I always turn to Lewis.

The Road Home is just what I thought it would be. A comforting story that came just at the right time in my reading life.

The Road Home gives us a feel-good family story. Although the mourning and grief is there, Lewis still delivers a book about the love between siblings and the strong ties to the community in which they live. A true, Beverly Lewis story.

You can get your copy of The Road Home here.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review from Bethany House Publishing. All opinions stated above are my own.


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